American Persimmon

We went on our first outing at Riverview Park! After a bit of playground play, and watching groups of kids pull canoes from the river, we set off in search of the persimmon tree. Along the way we kicked through the carpet of sycamore leaves adorning the path and stopped only for a brief autumn olive berry snack.

We began seeing a few trees with the checkered bark but no fruit. We eventually came upon the small tree with sparsely hanging orange balls…the persimmon. Tree shaking ensued.

We used a sheet in attempt to catch the delicate fruits, with some success. About half of what dropped splattered on the ground! We managed to collect about 15-20 fruit, and ate about 5 of those on the spot.

Below you can see our first attempt at “catching”. We might consider using a larger sheet next time! The fruit that did land in the sheet did so without any damage though!…and the kids enjoyed diving to the middle to see who could get the fruit first.

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