Exciting Finds in Charlottesville’s Vernal Pools

By Drew Chaney, Center for Urban Habitats American Toad Anaxyrus americanus Family: Bufonidae   One late March day, I decided to check out the new boardwalk that was recently installed at Greenbrier Park in north Cville. It was pleasant outside, the birds were active, and spring peepers were calling incessantly. The boardwalk was added as […]

Creature Feature: American Woodcock

By Ezra Staengl, Center for Urban Habitats American Woodcock Scolopax minor Family: Scolopacidae Other common names: Timberdoodle, Labrador Twister, Big-eye, Bog Snipe, Bog Sucker, Night Partridge   I stood at dusk in the middle of a field near the North Fork of the Rockfish River in Nelson County. The cool, evening air blew gently around […]