Spicebush, the bloom is happening now!

Spicebush, Lindera benzoin I thought I’d post some photo references so that next year, when the question, “is this blooming later this year than last?” comes up, I would have a benchmark to compare with. This woodland shrub was found in about 75% flower bloom. It is growing on a North facing slope at about […]

Black Knot and the American Indian

Black Knot Fungus. Our native Black Cherry trees (Prunus serotina) battle a fungus. The fungus infects the tree and causes abnormal cell growth. Those large black blobs are actually the tree’s own cell growth covered with a skin of fungal fruit! These large black cankors can be seen from some distance, but up close you’ll […]

Woodland Play

“Before nature can become sacred, it must be accessible. It must be lain in and walked on, climbed up and run down. It must ooze between fingers and toes. It must be eaten, whole, and again.” – from Rick Van Noy’s book, “A Natural Sense of Wonder” Three of the critters discovered during yesterday’s woodland […]

Maple flowers opening

As you may have seen now, Acer rubrum (red maple) is flowering! I love looking at early spring flowers on trees and a closer look at these buds brought up some questions…Why do flowers from red maple trees look so different when compared to each other? Red maples can be either monoecious (both male and […]

The Woods are Waking

A short hike today along the Rivanna Trail (off Fontaine Ave.) proved to be treasure packed! The woods are quickly warming, and have begun swarming. Everything is changing so quickly. Things that creep, crawl and jump are picking up their pace a bit! Maple tree flower buds are swelling (can you spot the hungry caterpillar?). […]

Find the birdie on the beach!

Even though this is a story covering an ecological system that is not part of the your Piedmont, a focal point is a very familiar animal…the Great Horned Owl. From Bill Dunson: While looking for snowy plovers today at Stump Pass State Park in Englewood, FL, I was once again reminded of how difficult these […]

An Amazing Tree – Part III

WINTER is beginning to crawl back into its cave and the trees are beginning to show their jewels, offerings in lieu of the warm and welcome approach of her majesty…Spring! Leaf and flower buds are swelling! With a squint of the eyes or a broad glance at a wooded city park, one can see the […]

Got Bugs?

Hi! My name is Stinky. I am a Brown Marmorated Stink bug. We just recently moved into your neighborhood..my relatives arrived in the U.S. back in 2001, with your help. We hitch rides on your boats and cars to spread to new locations. Thanks! We love it here! Your warm winter homes, lush summer greenery […]