Fruit Leather

Autumn Olive, (Elaeagnus umbellata)While this species, a native of Korea, Japan and China introduced to North America in 1830, is not very popular because of its tendency to take over and crowd out Native Plants, it is a shame we don’t harvest the locally available and plentiful fall fruit. The berry is quite delicious when […]

Persimmon…round one was a little bitter!

We attempted to dry the persimmons we collected yesterday and it worked like a charm! I just placed them on a drying rack with a small mesh and put them in the oven for about 8 hours at 140 degrees. They shrink dramatically, becoming quite chewy with an enjoyable texture. We ran into one problem, […]

American Persimmon

We went on our first outing at Riverview Park! After a bit of playground play, and watching groups of kids pull canoes from the river, we set off in search of the persimmon tree. Along the way we kicked through the carpet of sycamore leaves adorning the path and stopped only for a brief autumn […]