RMNA Survey Notes: Preliminary Walk-Through Day 2

The second day of preliminary walk-through focused on the south side of the reservoir, including the peninsula and all terrain west to the point where the water meets the high embankment for Interstate 64. We passed through multiple steep-sloped forests along the south side, each hill offering a similar pattern of ecosystems. The east sides […]

Measuring the Benefits of Ecosystem-Modeling: Research Begins!

Figure 1. View south into Center for Urban Habitat’s ecosystem installation at the IX Art Park. Having accomplished 3 years of ecosystem installations in the Charlottesville area, Center for Urban Habitats (CUH) is now beginning research to measure the impacts of ecosystem-modeling. While attempting to install entire ecosystems has obvious benefits for supporting biodiversity, very […]

RMNA Survey Notes: Preliminary Walk-Through Day 1

A day in the field is always preceded by a long period of excited anticipation and obsessive preparation. What could be more enthralling than diving into the unknown with the goal of discovering something? For me and the countless others that are enthralled by discovery, this great delving into the unknown is what drives us. […]

Ragged Mountain Natural Area Ecosystem Survey: Introduction

Here we are headed toward winter’s grip, and it’s time for an Ecosystem Survey at Ragged Mountain Natural Area (RMNA)! Center for Urban Habitats is excited to be coordinating this collaborative effort. Some big decisions must be made about how best to manage the land and network of trails. We hope to provide some context […]

Generating an Instant Forest: A Bad Habit?

Illustration by Frey, Lucas M. Want to support native plants, animals and biodiversity? Nurture natural succession and resist the temptation to skip steps and create an “instant forest”. Should we not be instigating forest succession, beginning with a rich meadow, as the primary mode of landscape restoration? I believe we should. What happens if … […]

The Animals of IX : Help us Explore and Document

IX FAUNA FORM Center for Urban Habitat’s (CUH) Installation: Pollocks Path and Meadows at the IX Art Park, 955 2nd Street SE, Charlottesville, Virginia. We hope that you, the general public, will help us document the wildlife that is returning to this urban space! With this essential information we can begin to understand the impacts […]

Pollinator Magnet at Friendship Court: Part 1

Figure 1. Volunteers from PVCC and CUH+Cville Foodscapes Staff “schnitting” sod. Yesterday in the warm afternoon sun, with the help of about 30 volunteers, we began initial preparations for the installation of a 1,100 sq. ft. Pollinator Magnet at Friendship Court in Charlottesville. Our task is to create not only a nectar source, but a […]

Emerging Late Winter Animals Shed light on Local Conservation Issue

We find ourselves here upon the threshold of spring, and those things that have remained hidden and quiet for months are emerging – much to the Naturalist’s delight. Among these first resilient life forms are wonders that press the imagination to new places. The mourning cloak butterfly spreads its wings after resting in a state […]