Bobcats at Monticello Trail

I saw 2 bobcats at the Monticello Trail. They had tails that were about 3 inches long. It was 3:12 in the afternoon. I was with Papi. We were on the back trails up near the top of Carter’s mountain. I said, ” Look, Papi!” Papi looked up. He saw the bobcats too.

By Chistian Tessier
Drawings ©2010 Christian Tessier

2 thoughts on “Bobcats at Monticello Trail

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that’s pretty exciting. I was walking that particular trail yesterday afternoon…next time I’ll have to look for tracks.

    There are black bear tracks in the snow around the Tufton barn and greenhouse. He/she must have been looking for the bird feeder I used to keep in the maple tree. It was a squirrel proof feeder, but once a year something always tore it down and trash it. I always suspected a bear. Isn’t it too early (wintery) for bears to be out?


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