Catching Snow

Tools: We laid black pieces of construction paper on a bench during yesterday’s snow. We left them in the frigid air for two hours prior to beginning. The images were captured with a point-and-shoot camera(Cannon Powershot SX110-IS) on its wonderful macro setting. The temperature at the time of taking these photographs ranged between 14-18 degrees Fahrenheit…which is the key to sharp and clear crystals.
Patience: It took about two hours of searching to find these crystals, as the majority that we observed were in layers and clumps. Occasionally, all falling snow would shift over to being just needles. The sharply defined singular crystals were very hard to see…they were very thin and transparent, and required looking at an angle to catch reflecting light.
Next time: I really wish we could have gotten sharper images,… we pushed the limits of our point-and-shoot camera, that’s for certain. Next time, maybe we’ll have a dissecting microscope with a camera!
Share your images: We would love to see any images you might have taken as well! (please contact me so I can make it easier for you to share at this blog)

2 thoughts on “Catching Snow

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow! those are beautiful. the contrast of b &w makes them work soo well. great examples for children to see how indiv. sflakes are and yet the photos are works of art as well….

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