Some Guiding Principles for the project

  1. Designing a tranquil outdoor space, inspired by traditional Japanese Gardens, but utilizing locally adapted species of native flora. It will be a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem containing quiet resting spots, gentle sweeping pathways, dry streams, shade, bright light, the sounds of water, and the wondrous textures and colors native to the Piedmont landscape.
  2. Creating a vibrant native garden that draws attention to natural ecosystems that occur near the project site, thereby encouraging thought and dialogue around local ecology and biodiversity. Embedded in native ecosystems is the wisdom required for creating sustainable, low maintenance, landscapes that is in balance with natural processes. This garden will be a beautiful example of this potential.  
  3. Supporting native birds, butterflies, bees, and other fauna by providing them with a rigorously researched assemblage of native plants for food and shelter.
  4. Conserving resources by minimizing the need for maintenance, using flora native and natural occurring within 20 miles of the project site, and by using materials thoughtfully sourced, from on site if possible.

A few inspirations, from Piedmont Prairie and Piedmont Mafic Barren plant communities:


Applicable abstract notions/combinations for this project:

Soil + Stone + Wood + Water + Flora  /  Local Native Plants + Japanese Garden Inspiration  /  Dry Streams + Water  /  Boulders + Cobbles + Pebbles + Sand  /  Rock Outcrops + Prairie + Woodland  /  Sweeping Long Views + Intimate Detail  /  Contrast: Shade + Sun, Cool + Hot, Wet + Dry, Soft + Hard, Verdant + Gray  /  Garden is house + Fence is walls with windows + Habitat niches are rooms  /  Intentional serpentine pathway with a gentle forward temptation + thoughtful distractions

The project began in late 2017. Stay tuned for updates!: