Field Sketchbook class #1

Seven talented students joined me as we explored the field and forest of Ivy Creek Natural Area to learn how to document the surrounding natural environment. With pencils, pens, and watercolors, the students sketched and painted for the morning.

We had a great time discovering and closely looking at the flowers of Andropogon gerardii (big bluestem) and Schizachryium scoparium (little bluestem), both beautiful native meadow grasses. Some students documented the fuzzy stem of Verbascum thapsus (common mullein), the bright orange flowers of Asclepias tuberosus (butterflyweed) with associated insect visitors, or the delicate flower head of Dacus carota (Queen Anne’s Lace). It was a relatively cool morning and everyone learned to look a little closer and made some memorable drawings.

The next field sketchbook workshop will be August 28th and there is still available room for more students.