Fish of Moore’s Creek, Part I

I took the girls fishin’, down on Moore’s Creek at Quarry park. We took a small fishing rod and used a small spinner with an artificial fly attached to the back (our fishing trip ending with a cast into a tree).

My goal was to begin assessing the fish diversity of this creek.
Habitat: dominated by box elder, green ash, black walnut, sycamore, and red maple. Virginia creeper, autumn olive, multi-flora rose, wingstem and poison ivy cover the banks. Concrete, imported rocks, old pipes, litter, and other relics of heavy human presence cover the ground and the stream bed. This stream is listed as impaired by the DEQ because of high levels of E. coli (see reports below). Thankfully a plan to fix this is in motion.

Species Caught:
Redbreast Sunfish, Lepomis auritus

Creek Chub, Semotilus atromaculatus

The Sunfish was caught in about two feet of rapidly moving water over a rocky bottom. The Chub was caught just below its gravel nesting locality in slower water, about two feet deep.

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