Got Cuckoo’s ?

Have you noticed a spike this year, as opposed to last year’s drought impacted summer? I remember going on a walk last year up here in central VA and Peter Dutnell, farmer and birder, pointed out the connections between a dry year, insect populations, and canopy and field foraging birds. Well, it’s been a wet year (compared to the drought years of late). The lepidoptera are teaming, and the fields and forests are buzzing and hopping. What say the yellow-bills in your area?

One thought on “Got Cuckoo’s ?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yellow-billed Cuckoo in the NRV have been singing frequently, and were last year during the much drier summer. They do respond sometimes to more clouds in the sky, I think and sing more. I hear more vocalizing early morning before sunrise, fog or clear along the New River, and I hear more songs, and calls in the evening before sunset. Sometimes I hear them singing to the full moon late at night. Yellow-billed still much more common than Black-billed in these parts…I found one Black-billed singing on Peters Mountain as I walked the ridge early back in mid June, it was about twenty feet into West Virginia hollering at the whole ridge, and there was bright sun. Is Black-billed also regarded as a rain crow?

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