Japanese Garden: Restful View July 2020

Photo of garden in July 2020

Bill Sykes 

July 5, 2020

We love getting feedback from our clients! This blog post features one of our projects called the ‘Native Elements Rock Garden’, and it demonstrates the beauty of gardens that mimic Piedmont grassland habitats. Our client discusses managing his new, natural ecosystem:

I took a different approach for some photos today. I sat in each of the three restful view areas and took 4 or 5 pictures to try to capture what one sees from the bench or chair. I had no idea that the Optunia would produce so many flowers for so long – they are still pumping them out. Earlier this year, I fenced the entire area to keep out marauding deer, to my chagrin there were a couple of spots where it was easy for one of them to jump it. So, now it is a good 7 feet all around and no intrusions. This has allowed the dwarf hackberry to finally attain some growth, and the nodding onions will be able to bloom in all their glory – love those guys.