Jolene Esposito
Marketing Manager, User Interface Technician

I AM… houseplant enthusiast, gardener, cook, avid traveler, lover of design, antiquer, video game nerd

I BELIEVE… It’s important to explore real jungles as opposed to concrete jungles. Nature offers amazing experiences. Some of my favorite memories are my interactions with nature. It’s important to preserve our landscape for future generations.

BIO Jolene is working with Center for Urban Habitats as a Marketing Manager. Her experience in photography, skills in marketing, and general lover of nature make her an ideal fit for advancing biodiversity education and conservation.

Jolene describes herself as a ‘multipotentialite.’ She has many interests and talents, and enjoys learning about different topics. With a B.S. degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Fine Arts, Jolene ran clinical research trials for five years, was a Project Manager and Marketer for over three years at a technology company, and is a freelance photographer. She is currently pursuing new interests in UI/UX Design and Web Development, as these areas meld her love of research, design, and problem solving. In her free time, Jolene likes hiking, exploring abandoned areas, and caring for her houseplants and garden. She also enjoys cooking delicious meals and playing video games.