Kelly Walsh
Native Landscaping Field Technician

I AM… resilient, eager, optimistic, driven and ever pursuing a deeper connection with our the land and its inhabitants.

I BELIEVE… our dearest relationship is that with the natural world.We are intrinsically woven with and within one another and when that relationship is tended, we grow together & flourish.

BIO Kelly joined the native landscaping crew as a field tech this past Spring of 2019. She is excited to blend her skills of design, ecology and love of all plants, especially native plants,with the CUH team and re-awakening and replenishing the seed banks of the Piedmont, one yard at a time!

Kelly’s desire to create more balanced relationships between the landscape and its inhabitants, has driven her life’s path.Her experiences co-founding and operating a diversified rotational livestock farm, gardening, landscaping, catering and working with herbs and herbal medicine have combined to give her a unique understanding of how we are entwined within our local ecosystems. She earned her degree and graduated with honors from Florida Gulf Coast University where she focused on ecology, sustainability, food sheds and plants. She has trained through the Regrarians Platform, specializing in how access, earthworks,water and management can work together to build soil and create a cohesive farm design. Through her studies & farming related work in different climates, scales, and styles she has gleaned a keen eye for harmony, functionality and relevance.