Migrant fallout at Ivy Creek Natural Area

This morning at Ivy Creek Natural Area in Albemarle County I found myself in the middle of a huge migrant fallout on the peninsula trail. There were loads of migrants in the trees. The vast majority were yellow-rumped warblers which I conservatively estimated at 85 but there were also many other species mixed in. Most birds were singing. It was simply spectacular, the trees seemed to made of warblers!!

Peninsula Trail:
Yellow-rumped Warbler 85
Palm Warbler 4 FOY (finally!)
Pine Warbler 1
Black and White Warbler 5
Black-throated Green 4
Black-throated Blue 2 FOY
Yellow Warbler 1 FOY
Ovenbird 1
Common Yellowthroat 5
Rose-breasted Grosbeak 1 FOY
Scarlet Tanager 1
Blue-headed Vireo 5
Red-eyed Vireo 2
Gnatcatchers – many
Ruby-crowned Kinglets – many

Also found several Worm-eating Warblers, Louisiana Waterthrushes andWood-thrushes in other parts of the park as well as a singing Prairie Warbler in the old field and an osprey over the lake.

Good Birding,
Chris Murray