MJ Epps
Principal Investigator, Biological Assessments

I AM… an ecologist, natural history explorer, musician, mushroom hunter and moss poker.

I BELIEVE… in protecting the integrity of native ecosystems in all their beautiful intricacy, in biodiversity and the wonder of all its components.

BIO MJ is an ecologist and life-long naturalist who started working with the biological survey team in 2019. Her diverse expertise in plant, insect, and fungal identification and ecology contribute to the broad coverage of CUH’s biological surveys.

MJ has been conducting ecological research for over 15 years in diverse ecosystems ranging from the tropics to the desert southwest, but her first love is in studying and exploring the many magnificent natural communities of Virginia. She received her Ph.D. from University of Arizona and conducted postdoctoral research at NC State. In addition to working with CUH she is currently an assistant professor at Mary Baldwin University, where she teaches botany, ecology, and conservation, and conducts research on a range of plant-insect and insect-fungal interactions.

Photos by Michele Lana (headshot) and Emily Luebke (action shot)