Olivia Lewis
Biological Survey Field Technician

I AM… a naturalist, passionate, idealistic, an advocate for sustainability, a scientist, and cultivator of wonder.

I BELIEVE… that a connection with the world around us and with each other, and an appreciation and deep respect for nature, are the secret to happiness and a sustainable way of life, one that can be maintained through the generations and build upon itself.


Olivia is a longterm resident of Charlottesville, Virginia. Growing up locally and as a student attending the University of Virginia, she cultivated a relationship with the wide diversity of local ecosystems and biomes and developed a deep respect for, and fascination with, the flora and fauna of the surrounding region. She will be using her skills in the field to help CUH conduct biodiversity surveys and perform statistical analysis to further CUH’s missions of promoting education and discovery.
Olivia is a recent graduate from the University of Virginia with a degree in Environmental Sciences focusing on Geology and Ecology. While a student, she learned about leadership and passing on precious knowledge about the natural world to others as a counselor and instructor at Nature Camp, president of the Entomology and Herpetology Club. and a trip leader for the Outdoors Club. After graduation, she spent a season working at the National Science Foundation’s National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) as an environmental field technician on the “plant team” honing her botanical skills, before moving back to Charlottesville to join the CUH team.