David Bellangue
Plant and Systems Propagation and Research Technician

…hardworking, mindful, restless, dedicated, thankful, student, husband, gardener, hiker

…that our society does not have to accept the biological depauperate landscape it created for itself. We can still restore our relationship with our native plant communities and the fascinating ecological connections they support if we give them room to exist. More than that, we must actively encourage their recovery across the landscape from city centers to national parks and forests.

David joined the CUH team in 2023 as their Plant and Systems Propagation and Research Technician. David is responsible for managing in-house nursery production that supports CUH’srestorations, assisting with installing and managing restoration projects, collecting seeds, and participating in biological surveys. David started working with CUH in 2021 as a part-time technician for the Piedmont Grassland assessment upon referral from his graduate advisor.

David grew up in the Metro Atlanta region of Georgia and graduated from Warren Wilson College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master’s degree from Virginia Tech. His passion for native plant conservation and propagation grew from a 2018 research internship at the Missouri Botanical Garden studying the genetics of Mead’s milkweed.