Devin Floyd
Founder, Director, Principal Investigator

…resilient, creative, competitive, curious, driven, time-traveling naturalist.

…place-based exploration, discovery, and knowledge-sharing is a collective adventure that can advance biodiversity education and conservation and transform human well-being .

Devin currently works full time as director of CUH where he handles all leadership and outreach aspects of the business and accomplishes illustrations, exhibit designs, landscape designs, technical reports, research designs, education programming, and biological surveys. Devin provides expertise and leadership for inventory, monitoring, and management of natural resources for public entities in Central Virginia. With CUH he continues to be a pioneer in the place-based learning movement, inspiring the next generation of stewards to build knowledge from the ground up, rooted in local contexts.

Devin spent his childhood exploring the wilds of the Blue Ridge Mountains. He received a degree in Prehistoric Archaeology from James Madison University.  Devin’s professional path has been a natural history adventure, including work in archaeology, natural history teaching, biological survey, illustration, and landscape design. Devin is known for combining creativity and critical reasoning skills to solve problems. His experience, competitive spirit, entrepreneurial drive, and leadership qualities spear-headed the founding of Blue Ridge Discovery Center (BRDC) in 2007 and Center for Urban Habitats (CUH) in 2012.