Drew Chaney
Biological Survey Senior Field Technician, Natural History Writer and Photographer, Local Genotype Seed Procurement Technician

… a naturalist, musician, birder, dragonfly and damselfly enthusiast, and baseball fan.

…that the natural world is an amazing place worth protecting, both for the sake of the plants and animals who call it home, but also for ourselves, who benefit from it every day in countless ways.

Drew has been an apprentice and employee at CUH since 2015. He is experienced with plant community survey methods and is extremely knowledgeable about the flora, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and damselflies of the Piedmont. His skills contribute greatly to CUH’s ability to accomplish high-quality biological surveys. He is an active part of the local genotype seed collection team and accomplishes natural history writing, photography, and data entry for CUH projects.