Emma Stephens
Stewardship / Restoration Project Manager

a diligent, caring, thoughtful, and practical person that seeks to explore life meaningfully and joyfully.

that we are capable of reforming our relationship with the environment, transforming it from one characterized by exploitation to one of mutual respect and understanding. That the persistence of our communities depends upon our awakening to how interconnected life is, locally and globally. That we are not as alone as we think we are.

Emma first joined CUH as a Stewardship Technician and has since stepped into being the Stewardship / Restoration Project Manager. She has participated in biological surveys to better comprehend the diverse natural plant communities in the Piedmont that are being modeled and implemented through landscape restoration.

Emma grew up along the Chesapeake Bay, where her curiosity and care for the environment began. In 2021, Emma graduated from UVA with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, focused on Environmental and Water Resources, and a minor in Materials Science Engineering. Prior to CUH, Emma worked as an analyst for a civil engineering consulting firm and as an assistant designer for a small landscape design firm in Richmond, Va. She is also certified as a Level 1 Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional.