Eric Anderson
Education Developer, Editor

…fascinated, striving for solutions, amiably countercultural, teaching and learning, logorrheic, an insufferable do-gooder, up for a beer, and a father, partner, educator, volunteer.

…that as Homo sapiens hurtles towards the carrying capacity of this biosphere we inhabit, protecting and supporting biodiversity represents as important an existential priority as mitigating climate change, and that the work of CUH is the most hopeful, promising, comprehensive, and just plain fascinating approach I’ve come across anywhere.

Eric first plugged into the work of CUH when Devin invited him to involve local students in installing the Pollocks Path & Meadow project at the IX Art Park, and from then on has tried to contribute and learn more whenever and wherever the chance presents, as an editor, writer, and advisor on CUH’s education and outreach initiatives.

While not quite born in a cave, Eric’s early years living at the nature center where his father worked were unquestionably formative in developing the love for and curiosity about the natural world that still guide his life choices today.  As a school leader, he encourages and facilitates the authentic pursuit of actual solutions to real-world challenges as the unmistakably meaningful substrate in which deep learning occurs, and supports wholeheartedly the ways that same philosophy is practiced and advanced by CUH.  Eric also is a Board member for the Urban Agriculture Collective of Charlottesville, the co-founder of a new sustainable schools coalition now blossoming in Charlottesville-Albemarle, and a sucker for chocolate chip cookies.