Evie Sackett
Lab Technician

…enthusiastic, resourceful, creative, adventurous, an artist.

…that the world is full of wonder and beauty that is worth appreciating and protecting.

Evie grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she spends her time when she isn’t at college. She began working with CUH in 2021 as a summer intern working on the Piedmont Grasslands Assessment project team, helping with surveys and data entry. She loves learning about the environment and is always excited to be working in nature.

Evie is also a Geology Undergraduate student at Yale University with a focus on Paleontology. She has an interest in ancient aquatic environments and their relationship to contemporary issues, including long-scale climate cycles. At Yale, she shares her love of nature by leading place-based environmental activities for local elementary schoolers as a teacher for the Environmental Education Collaborative.