Ezra Staengl
Biological Survey Technician, Natural History Writer and Photographer, Local Genotype Plant Propagation Technician

…focused, capable, passionate, sensitive, serious, thoughtful, adventurous, careful, creative, brother, violinist, birder, naturalist

…that landscaping with local native plants helps people connect with the nature of their area.  That people who know and experience the beauty of our native plant communities will want to protect them.  That we are all part of nature. That all of nature is important for our survival. That the ecosystems of the Piedmont are complex diverse, and beautiful.  

Ezra is a highly skilled youth natural history writer and photographer. He generates high quality content for various CUH education outreach and conservation projects. 2018 is his third year as a local genotype plant grower for CUH, and his second as a writer and photographer. He recently joined the biological survey team to begin training as a field technician, and he leads a “bird team” for at least one survey project.

Ezra is a homeschooler living in Nelson County, Virginia. He loves to bird, explore the rich natural communities of Virginia, and blog at birdsandbuds.com. Ezra was awarded Silver and Bronze in the 2018 American Birding Association Young Birder of the Year Competition for excellent writing, field notes, and photography.