Sam Gray
Artist, Graphic Designer

…goofy, driven, creative, grateful; artist, designer, nature-lover

…the natural world is sacred, healing, magical, and infinitely inspiring. I believe the health of our environment and our connection with it is intrinsically interwoven with our own physical and spiritual health.


Sam is collaborating with CUH on the illustration and design of the connection flyers which detail native plant species’ profiles as well as their flora and fauna connections.

Sam’s love of the natural world brought her to volunteer on organic farms in New Zealand and Japan after she graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in graphic design. After returning to the United States Sam volunteered and worked with various farms in Central Virginia and learned about the woods and wild plants from a network of gifted friends. Her focus has returned to art and graphic design but her inspiration remains in wild places. She is currently living in Charlottesville working as an artist, freelance illustrator and graphic designer, and has been a resident member at McGuffey Art Center since July 2017.