Sean Kois
Native Landscaping Field Technician

I Am…
…a son, brother, friend, traveler, and student of anthropology, architecture, landscapes, and ecology

I Believe…
…that humans need connection to the natural world and, as we increasingly inhabit more and more of a built environment, designing the means by which the two can intersect is paramount. I also believe that, as humans, we are stewards of the land, and inasmuch as we need the land, so too does the land need us; Stewardship of the natural ecologies that we affect as designers, builders and occupants should be one of our highest priorities.

Sean has been working with CUH since 2017, and brings an interest in bio-regionally specific naturalism, a passion for ecological regeneration, and a dedication to hard work and good service. Sean holds a degree in Anthropology from UVA, and is a current graduate candidate for a dual Master’s degree in Architecture and Landscape Architecture at UVA. He is a returned US Peace Corps Volunteer, where he spent 3+ years teaching at a vocational school in sweltering tropical heat, and has a Permaculture Design Certificate from the Koanga Institiute in New Zealand. He was recently certified as a Virginia Master Naturalist, and enjoys learning ever more, on the job, from the amazing team at CUH.