Soizic Ziegler
Native Landscaping Field Technician, Landscape Maintenance Crew Chief, Biological Survey Apprentice

…resourceful, creative, determined, fluent in French, and very fond of chestnuts.

…when our hearth- spaces are interwoven with our gardens, and our gardens with the fields and forests, our deeper connection to the grander pattern of life is upheld more strongly and felt more deeply. This depth of feeling is what brings communities together for healing and resilient action.


Soizic has perpetually sought to deepen her knowledge of bioregionally adapted foraging, farming, gardening, and design. Her intuitive design skills, ability to think on her feet, resourcefulness, and strong leadership help ensure CUH projects are among the best native landscape installations in the region. Soizic helps manage native landscaping projects that have entered the maintenance phase.

Soizic has worked as an ecological & edible landscape designer and installer with C’ville Foodscapes in Charlottesville, and SG Designs in Richmond, VA, as well as through various other community and non-profit efforts. Her background includes a Permaculture Design Certificate through the Blue Ridge Permaculture Network, an Advanced Forest Gardening Design course with Eric Toensmeier, a Certificate in Rainwater Harvesting Earthworks Design through the Watershed Management Group in Tucson, AZ, as well as managing an educational, permaculture-based market garden in Richmond, VA.