Piedmont Grasslands Inventory Project

We’re collecting data about potential presettlement grassland remnants in the Central Virginia Piedmont – and you can help!

INSTRUCTIONS: If you are aware of a location within the Study Area that may support native grassland plant communities, please add it to the map below!

  • CLICK HERE to launch the map in editor mode. You will need to be signed in to a Google account in order to add data.
  • Zoom in to your spot to locate it as precisely as possible. Use the basemap selector at the bottom of the map contents pane to switch to aerial imagery view if needed.
  • Click on the “Grasslands” layer in the contents pane to make sure it is active.
  • You may add your location as a point (using the Add Marker tool), or as a line or polygon (using the Draw a Line tool). Once you click on the map to place your point or finish drawing your line or polygon, you will see a popup prompting for further info. Give your place a name and brief description, and enter your name and the date on which you observed it. If you noted any particular plant species – especially, dense groupings of unplanted grasslands species such as little bluestem, early goldenrod, and narrow-leaf mountain-mint – please enter their names in the “indicator species” field, as this is especially helpful in homing in on high-quality remnants. And finally, if you have a photograph, click on the camera icon to add it to your record.
  • Hit Save when you’re done, and we’ll add your valuable data to our growing database!