Pollinator Magnet at Friendship Court: Part 1

Figure 1. Volunteers from PVCC and CUH+Cville Foodscapes Staff “schnitting” sod.

Yesterday in the warm afternoon sun, with the help of about 30 volunteers, we began initial preparations for the installation of a 1,100 sq. ft. Pollinator Magnet at Friendship Court in Charlottesville. Our task is to create not only a nectar source, but a habitat, so that a great variety of pollinators will make this their full time home.

Figure 2. Cross-section of proposed terraced orchard. 

Orchards Need Pollinators: The native plant community will augment the extensive cherry, blueberry, blackberry and raspberry orchard that will be planted immediately downslope, as well as the vegetable gardens beyond. It will also be the second CUH Ecosystem Enstallation in the Pollocks Branch corridor (the other at the IX ARt PArk), creating a connected fly way for native insect and birds and boosting biodiversity in this unique urban setting. The very ambitious project is a partnered effort of Center for Urban Habitats, Cville Foodscapes, and the Urban Agriculture Collective of Charlottesville.

Figure 3. Cleaning up for the day, with some Easter fever.