Summer in a Seed

Bees landing on flowers

By Devin Floyd

December 1st, 2020

Frost now decorates Piedmont mornings.

The leading edge of winter’s bite is upon us. Tow your summer heart into the coming dark. The intoxicating scent of the native rose in summer is also an expression of the power of winter.

Do not confuse dormancy with death, nor conflate wilt with an end.

Escape the delusion of linear time, and you’ll find that the seasons reside within one another.

They don’t sit side-by-side, nor arm-in-arm. They dance through one another like smoke.

The elegance of all seasons manifests in each. Thus one may find summer in the winter seed, and winter in the summer flower.

In the coming season, do not forget to allow for peaceful, if uncomfortable, engagement with crystalline water, hard earth, and leaves turned to dust. Keep a soft hand on the cutting edge of winter – feel that burn in its fullness. Breathe it in, be with it, and turn shivers into tranquil and sensitive awareness. Do this on the coldest nights, with some naked skin, so you can feel how life is shaped, honed, and fortified at the edge of comfort. Consider it a short safe visit with Natural Selection herself. She’ll show you how time has etched summer into the winter seed.

The season of propagating ideas is upon us. It’s time to gather, sow, and prepare. Let’s dream and create in the dim light, and let the effort be illuminated by the hot summer sun that escapes the black locust in the hearth. Let’s allow it to etch our dreams into the action of the summer that is already here.